Alhousseini Anivolla

The walking man

ANEWAL - The walking man - new album in 2017 

My name is Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla a.k.a. Anewal, which means 'walking man' and I am the lead singer and guitarist of the internationally known Desert Blues band Etran Finatawa from Niger. Since 2004 I have toured with them around the globe. Together we made four successful CDs for the British label World Music Network.

In 2012 I made my first solo album Anewal, a diary of my travels around the world and back again into the wilderness. It received international critical acclaim and Songlines magazine recently listed it as one of the '10 best Desert Blues' albums.

Since then it seems the world is changing faster than ever, sweeping us along like a flood. I have written a collection of new songs inspired by these changes and the need to speak out and communicate a message of peace and understanding.

In my songs I sing of the loss of cultural diversity throughout the world, social changes, climate change and the direct impact of these global effects on the people of my homeland as well as the importance of keeping our culture, our way of life, alive, strong and relevant.
My music is rooted in tradition. My music gives me strength. I would like to share this feeling with you through my new songs on a new album. Previously I have always worked with a record company but today the music industry is in crisis and many labels can no longer even offer to cover the costs. So I have decided to create the album myself, from recording to pressing.

Release Spring 2017
Tour dates 2016/2017 available

Managment worldwide: Fidjomusic 



Cover ANEWAL - The walking man

ANEWAL - The walking man - ANEWAL 2012 

First solo album:
Life is a circle. This album is a journey. I take you to where I come from, I play some traditional Instruments like the takadebena, the Music bow, and  many tradtional rhythms. And as a Bonus you will listen to a collaboration work that I did with the south african singer Malebo in 2009.

Tour dates

Concerts 2016

Date City Country Link
July 2nd Mamling Austria
April 16th Berlin Germany
April 15th Leipzig Germany
March 21st Bremen Germany



21 jan with Maarja Nuut, Talinn, Estonia

23 jan with Maarja Nuut, Viljandi, Estonia

25 feb Pardon To Tu, Warzawa, Poland



2nd Aug Mama Africa Cologne, Germany

18 aug Jazz&Joy, Worms, Germany

11th oct Amplifest, Oporto, Portugal

18 nov Klimahaus, Bremerhaven, Germany

08 dec Night festival Korpilombolo, Sweden

Touring Southern Africa in may 2013:

SAHARA MEETS INDIAN OCEAN PROJECT! Alhousseini Anivolla (NIGER) and Guy Buttery (South Africa)

Two great guitarists inspired by their rich traditional heritage meet for a pure african creation.

24/25th may Afrikaday Johannesburg

26/27th may Books Café Harare, Zimbabwe

28th may Johannesburg Mojo´s

30th Alliance Francaise Pretoria

31st Allinace Francaise Durban

02nd Bushfire Festival Swaziland


Press Comments and Reviews

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Press reviews about ANEWAL 2012

"tightly structured songs are mixed with passages of thrilling improvisation... the album brims with a contagious freedom" 4****stars, Top Of The World, Songlines
"this has an authentic intimacy which some recordings of desert blues bands haven"t had..." 4.5 stars, The NZ Herald
"it can feel as though the music is being made right in the room with you" 7.1 Pitchfork
"Wailing, twisting songs as gritty as the desert wind". 4**** stars Robin Denselow SONGLINES.
"driving, gloriously repetitive, traditional music mixed with some of the slickest and most beautiful electric guitar imaginable... they combine to present a sublime sound" SydneyMorning Herald, 4****stars
"When I closed my eyes, I was transported back to the Sahara, where the rhythms of the camels and the expansive sky are beyond words, but not beyond music." Lloyd Gedye Mail & Guardian, South Africa

"It’s got everything that fans of this stuff have been devouring ever since desert blues went global: hypnotic two-chord jams, trance-inducing beats, biting blues-infused guitar and in Anivolla’s case, warmly laid-back vocals sung in his local vernacular. Anivolla is an incisive and remarkably subtle guitarist, varying his attack on the strings, adding minute levels of natural distortion, his incisive, blues-infused phrases ringing out over long, swaying vamps. By the slowly unwinding standards of this music, the opening track, Immousan – a message to the elders to pass along their wisdom to the young generation – is remarkably catchy, briskly swaying and spiced with spiky hammer-on guitar phrases.” (New York Music Daily; Aug 2012)

"The Tuareg desert rock (not blues, as some have it) of Tinariwen and Etran Finatawa becomes a retrospective affair on this debut by the latter"s guitarist.

The production is so microscopic that you can sometimes hear the click of plectrum on strings as much as the notes themselves. Not to mention the subtle rattle of a shaker suggesting a hubbub of Saharan insect life. Cross-legged on the ground rather than crutch-thrusting rock, but no less effective for it.” (The Independent UK 12th Aug 2012)

"Looks like Niger has done it again. A new track from Niger-born desert blues guitar player Alhousseini Anivolla has hit the web and it’s excellent.” (Afropop  Aug 7th 2012)

"Aficianados of the burgeoning desert blues scene owe it to themselves to listen to this fine record, as do fans of guitar playing, followers of trends in world music or music lovers in general. This is a terrific album that deserves a wide audience.” (pop matters Aug 30th 2012)

4**** Uncut 
4.5**** The NZ Herald 
4**** Top Of The World, Songlines 
4**** Guardian 
4**** Financial Times 
4**** Jazzwise 
4**** Evening Standard