Nomad´s Blues from Niger - Etran Finatawa

Etran Finatawa

Among the grasslands of the Sahel and the shifting dunes of the Sahara desert, two legendary nomadic peoples, the Wodaabe and Tuareg, are joined together in the raunchy guitars and haunting voices of Etran Finatawa. As the winds of change cast uncertainty over their nomadic lifestyle, both cultures are at a crossroads.

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Sacred music - Malam Mamane Barka

Mamane Barka

As a nomad of the toubou tribe, Mamane Barka is the indisputable son of the desert and the world´s only remaining master of the biram. He maintains the tradition single-handedly, bringing the boat-shaped instrument to world´s attention with his own unique blend of desert blues.Barka is so far the only master of the Biram in Niger and all over the world.

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A journey in my inner universe - Alhousseini Anivolla

Alhousseini Anivolla

My name is Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla a.k.a. Anewal, which means 'walking man' and I am the lead singer and guitarist of the internationally known Desert Blues band Etran Finatawa from Niger. Since 2004 I have toured with them around the globe. Together we made four successful CDs for the British label World Music Network. In 2012 I have also started my solo career. New CD to be released in spring 2017 Read more …

Steven Sogo and the Hope Street

Steven Sogo

Since 2015 Steven Sogo is in exile in the USA. Due to an inner political crisis and violant supression of opposition Steven had to flee his country as so many other Burundians. He continues his music hoping for a brighter future for his country Burundi. He once took the guitar in the middle of the civil war to express his wish to live and to live a normal life. He is still hoping for!

His music is pure, original blues:  His songs are a cry for life, full of pain, nostalgia and hope at the same time, just a mirror of his life as the burundian society these days.

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New Sahara Blues from walking man Alhousseini Anivolla

Recording in Wales at Wild End Studios with Colin Bass

ANEWAL performing at Afrikafestival Mamling on July 2nd 2016

Alhousseini Anivolla is nominated for the Afrika Festival award 2016!

Steven Sogo in exil in the US

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